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Congratulations To Our Graduates Who Successfully Finished The Training Center


On 23 July we celebrated the graduation of 6 trainees who completed Coherent Solution’s Training Center. After a couple of months of dedicated specialized training, all of our trainees are now continuing their tech career journey with us.

Two of the graduates shared with us more about their experience during their training. Both Toni Stoynev & Martin Aleksandrov joined Coherent Solutions in February and now they are working as Junior .NET Developers in one of our projects.

How did the Training Center develop your technical skills? In what field was your training?

Toni: The Training Center definitely developed my technical skills. Solving challenging technical tasks and getting code reviews from experienced trainers helped me to improve my code style and learn best practices. The first part of the training was divided into 3 sections – C# Core, Database and Front-End Training – I also had a Project Oriented Training for the project I am currently working in.

Martin: The training was divided into several parts to learn advanced .NET, SQL, JS and ASP.NET, but there was also a part, which was especially dedicated to teamwork and managing a common project. At the end we had to build a microservice-based project.

What did you like the most about your training during these couple of months?

Toni: What I liked the most is that apart from technical skills I gained, it helped me a lot to develop my soft skills like teamwork, time management and self-motivation.

Martin: The structure of the training itself was great. Starting from basics and advanced of the .NET passing through SQL and JS, building a small ASP.NET application alone, and finally working on a bigger project. This flow of trainings was smooth, logical to follow and helped us get the most out of the training.

What was the biggest challenge that you faced during your training in the Training Center?

Toni: During the training I faced challenges every day, but I think that the biggest one for me was to learn how to work in a team with other developers and understand the process of software development lifecycle.

Martin: The most challenging part was probably the final project where we worked in a team and not just on му own. As a junior developer with no previous experience, I was not familiar with the processes in a bigger project, so this was the most challenging, but also the most important thing I had to learn.